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Gin Eva Old Tom 0,7 l

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alcohol content: 45 % vol.
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This spirit is our homage to the 19th century style of gin. We stored our Signature Gin for several months in old wine barrels that were previously filled with Mallorcan red wine. Our Old Tom has a beautiful amber colour, wood and fruit are a perfect symbiosis, supported by 20 g/l residual sugar. Tastes like wormwood and bitter!

Awarded "Best Spanish Old Tom Gin" at the World Gin Awards 2020.

Casa Eva recommends


2 parts Gin Eva "Old Tom"
1 part Artisan Spirits "Red Citrus Bitter"
1 part Pedro Ximene's "raisin wine"

Negroni Cocktail Rezept
Krug mit Glas

Recipe - Mix all ingredients in a porró and cool in a bowl with ice. You can drink straight from the porró or serve it in glasses.

Horabaixa denkende Frau

The story behind - Drinking from a porró is a kind of sharing ritual. Not everyone can drink from it and sometimes it gets wet and messy. Wine is usually drunk from a porró, but we also like to use it in cocktails. As a tribute to the porró, we have created the porroni. A kind of Negroni, but drunk from a Porró.