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Gin Eva "Mallorca" 45% vol. 0.7 L

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alcohol content: 45 % vol.
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Gin Eva with the red label is our signature distillate. The pillars of our Mallorca Gin are fresh citrus fruits, juniper and classic gin botanicals.

Awarded "Best Spanish Gin" at the World Gin Awards 2019.

"An amazing gin. Refreshingly light on the tongue, yet complex. Delightful paired with tonic!" (David T. Smith, Gin Author)

Botanicals: Orange (bitter orange, navel and canoneta), lemon, tangerine, common juniper and Juniperus oxycedrus (holly juniper)

Casa Eva recommends

Our summer punch recipe for 15-20 guests

4 lemons
4 limes
2 kg large ice cubes
2 l sparkling water or sparkling wine
250 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
250 g sugar or honey
700 ml Gin Eva "Mallorca"

Gin Eva Sommerbowle
Krug mit Glas

Recipe - Cook a sugar syrup with the sugar (or honey) and 200 ml water and let it cool down again. Cut the limes and lemons into small pieces with a kitchen knife. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Your guests then fill their glasses with as much sparkling water or sparkling wine as they like.

Horabaixa denkende Frau

The story behind - Every party needs them: the icebreakers. Their good humor is contagious and in a way they seem like a summer punch. We dedicate this recipe to all our icebreaker friends. Cheers to you!