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Gin Eva "The Bergamot" Dry Gin 45% vol. 0.7 L

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alcohol content: 45 % vol.
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A gin made from just two botanicals, fresh bergamot from Valencia and juniper berries. A hybrid of lime and bitter orange, bergamot stands out among all the citrus fruits we've ever distilled - bittersweet, slightly spicy, long-lasting and becoming more complex over time. A great gin for very citrusy G&T's and cocktails.

At the World Gin Awards 2020, our Citrus Bergamia Gin was awarded "Best Spanish Signature Botanical Gin".

Botanicals: Valencian bergamot and juniper

Casa Eva recommends

Gin Fizz Mehari for 4 people:

3 lemons
50 g sugar or honey
20cl Gin Eva "La Bergamota"
soda water

Gin Tasting im Wald
Krug mit Glas

Recipe - Squeeze lemons in a mason jar and add sugar and gin. Once all the sugar has dissolved, add enough ice to fill the glass at least three-quarters full. Close the jar and shake vigorously until the cocktail is ice cold. We prefer to serve the gin fizz in a tall glass over ice and top it off with chilled soda water.

Horabaixa denkende Frau

The story behind - Do you remember how we spent all summer by the sea? do you remember joe Yes, our summer neighbor. Joe had this amazing car that we drove around the island looking for hidden spots. Even years later, we still have fond memories of those days, especially when we mix a gin fizz with our friends from Son Moragues. This cocktail is super easy and lives from freshly squeezed lemon juice.