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Pan con Tomate Zutaten

Recipe for pan con tomato

"Life is one pa amb oli after another." - Thomas Graves

Bread and oil or pa amb oli are everywhere in Mallorca. The Catalans call it pa amb tomaquet. The recipe was created to freshen up hard, dry bread and became a hit almost immediately. In the basic version you need bread (pan payés), ramallet tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. 

Toast the bread in the oven and cut the tomatoes across, in half. Then grate the ramellet tomato onto the toast, squeezing out some of the pulp and seeds as well. Drizzle olive oil generously on top and sprinkle with sea salt flakes.

An essential ingredient is the ramallet tomato. It has a very thick skin and can be stored for almost a year. Stored tomatoes will get smaller and even sweeter over time. The inside of the tomato is very juicy and makes it easy to grate the whole tomato - down to the skin - onto the bread.

There are a few alternatives, especially if you can't get ripe tomatoes. For example, you can grate the tomato finely and then spread it over the toast, or use canned vine tomatoes. Garlic is also often rubbed onto the bread. But be careful, sometimes the garlic is too dominant and lets the fine tomato and olive oil aromas fade into the background.


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