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La Mallorquina - Olive Extra Dry Gin

Olives are the classic dry martini garnish and the dirty martini thrives on the salty brine in which the olives are marinated.

Out of curiosity, in the fall of 2016 we got hold of a barrel of olive pomace, which we then macerated and distilled in the distillery.

The distillate tasted wonderfully of black olives. During a tasting with Rafa Martin and his Brassclub team from Palma, we decided to blend the distillate with just juniper and a touch of coriander. We think: The perfect martini gin.

A year later we had the opportunity to get very special olives for distillation at the Son Moragues estate in Valldemossa. The La Mallorquina variety is the traditional olive variety of the island of Mallorca. A mutation of the Empeldre Olive that can only be found on the island. The trees are centuries old and grow on terraces in the Tramuntana mountains.

Our La Mallorquina Gin is a vintage distillate. It is distilled every year in October from fresh olives and juniper. At the World Gin Awards 2019, La Mallorquina was named "Worlds Best Signature Botanical Gin".