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"This is honey" Cocktail Rezept

"Això es mel" literally translated means something like "this is honey". In Mallorca, however, the greatest compliment you can pay a chef is when the food tastes extraordinarily good.

The island is buzzing and blooming right now - the perfect time for a Bee's Knees, a honey cocktail made famous in Prohibition-era America. We just changed the name because it's just irresistible.

"This is honey" Cocktail für 2 Personen:
  • 4 TL Honig
  • 10 cl Gin Eva "The Bergamot"
  • 50 cl lemon juice
  • Ice
  • wildflowers
Mix all the ingredients in a large mason jar. To make the honey easier to work with, you can stir it with a spoonful of boiling water beforehand. Shake until the cocktail is ice cold. Then serve in a pretty glass over ice and garnish with a wildflower if you like.