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Gin Eva - which tonic water?

“Which tonic goes best with Gin Eva?” - This is probably the most frequently asked question at our counter. Time to test this out. Last Friday, Llorenç, Eva and I finally did a blind rehearsal. We tasted every tonic pure, without gin. At the end of the rehearsal, we also tested our favorites with our classic gin.

There was only one tonic which we didn't like at all, mainly because it was sweetened. The Fentimans is also out of the ordinary because it is so incredibly dry compared to the other tonics, dry and very bitter. I'm drinking it while I'm writing these lines and I have to say that it doesn't come across as extremely dry as it did during the rehearsal.

The tonic with the best standing across the board is probably Fever Tree. And for whatever reason, good old Schweppes is not very popular. At least that's how it seems to me with our customers. Gin and tonic is not a new phenomenon in Spain and the G&T drinker “de toda la vida” still drinks the long drink with Schweppes. Rafa, the patron of the brass club in Palma, confirmed that to me.

What I expect from a tonic is sweetness, acidity and bitterness, in perfect proportions and lots of finely sparkling carbonic acid. It should actually be almost non-aromatic so that the gin can unfold.

Customers often recommend the Fever Tree Mediterranean to me. A strongly flavored tonic, herbaceous and playful. You can taste thyme and some pine. Somehow I didn't find it clean and the tonic didn't make it among my favorites. Llorenç, on the other hand, was on the winner's podium.

In the afternoon after the rehearsal, Thierry from Vogelsanger Weine and Roland from Finca Alegria visited. Roland is an FT Med. fan and also offers this tonic to his customers. We tried the tonic again with our La Bergamota Gin and I have to admit the G&T was very good. I understand the hype a bit now. With gin, the tonic is much more elegant and what I called the “dish water note” in the pure tasting disappears completely.

I really liked the Thomas Henry, both on its own and in the G&T. An incredibly thick tonic, lots of sweetness, lots of acidity and lots of bitterness. Very well matched. Even better than the Schweppes, which is also a rather fat tonic. I'm going to come out as a Schweppes fan. What I've always liked about Schweppes is the tight fizz. I also noticed this very positively in the rehearsal. Schweppes was on the podium for both Eva and me.

But my absolute favorite was the Fever Tree Light Tonic. It is sweetened with fructose, which has a stronger sweetening power than regular sugar. It therefore requires less, is perfectly tuned and very neutral. Also great with Gin Eva. Eva thinks so too.

We also really liked the tonic from Puig. A small soda factory from Palma. So good that we want to offer it at our tonic tastings in the future. Juliá just recently took over the business from his father and makes really good lemonades and tonics. We recommend.

Greetings from Llucmajor and visit us in the new tasting room!