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Gin Eva La Canoneta - Orangen Dry Gin

For two years we have been selling a very special gin edition at Palma Airport exclusively in Duty Free: La Canoneta. 
The Canoneta is an autochthonous orange variety from Sòller and probably the most famous bitter orange from the Valle. 
Apparently she is unspectacular, small and her color is a very pale orange. As distillers, we always look at the bowl that contains all the essential oils. bitter oranges e.g. B. have an incredibly thick skin full of aromatic oils. The canoneta, on the other hand, has a very thin skin and most often it is processed into juice.
But if you smell the little orange, you immediately know why we like to distill it: a concentrated orange aroma with a lot of pressure, more characteristic and more intense than any other orange that we have distilled in our kettle.
Our Canoneta Edition will soon be available in a new look at the airport and also here in our Casa Eva Shop. Orange at it's best.