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fig leaves and fish heads

A wonderful good day from Mallorca. I'm enjoying the somewhat more pleasant temperatures on the island. Fortunately, the great heat is over and will probably not come back this year, hopefully.

We recently spent a long weekend in my old home, the Palatinate. I noticed the huge fig trees - they are just as big as here on the island. The Mallorcan claims that the best shade is under the fig tree. Plus, those trees smell so good. I can't even walk past a fig without crushing a leaf between my fingers and sniffing it.

If you have a fig tree in your garden, you can fill a mason jar compactly with fig leaves, pour in gin and leave in a dark place for two days. The gin draws out the color and aroma of the leaves, giving you an aromatic base to try out cocktail recipes. The fig gin tastes great as a gin & tonic and the color looks great. Also great is a homemade lemonade with a shot of the green gin.

Our Green Spice Gin was u. a. Distilled from fig leaves and is a great base. It's already sold out on the island, and there are still a few bottles left in the Casa Eva shop.

If you are planning a Mallorca vacation, I would like to recommend two more program items.

The Bodega Morey in Palma makes excellent tapas. The shop is tucked away in the old town, is tiny and super quaint. Octavio, the host, often wears a fish-head mask. Last time we were there, Dani drew him as a fishman, Octavio was so enthusiastic that he now has T-shirts printed with the drawing.

A guided tour of the olive finca Son Moragues in Valldemossa is also worthwhile. Or Son Mo, as they call themselves now. We have been using the olives for our La Mallorquina Gin for a long time.